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What is a blog?

free blog sites and best websites

             A blog contains information such as images, data, and videos, it looks like same as the website.It free for everyone who has Gmail along with the google+ account.We passing the information in blogs in the form of posts.

In now blog industry growing too fast, so blogger owner is called as a blogger.
              Nowadays we have seen that lot well-awarded blog websites are there on the internet, they are successful in doing of best blogs.Blogs created unlimited with one account in mail.Blog creation is done in the WWW.BLOGGER.COM.Here we have some steps to the creation of blogs.Blogs are totally free do not invest anything in the creation of the blog.So all of you guys ready to the creation of blogs.Blogs must contain original content that is derived from you, not from other websites.If you want to detailed information how to start blog click on below link

How to create free blog in

                    These steps as fallows
1.Firstly you create a g mail account and then you have a g mail address.

2.And then open the google home page and enter the

3.Next, you create a new account and enter the all required details.

4.opened new window well come to the blogger displays.

5.Then click on New blog and enter the Title and address of the blog what you want.

6.These fallowing steps showed in this videos.

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Now we know the information about How to convert the blog into the professional website:

                       The blog is created freely in blogger.After creation of blog then we get the paid websites in websites such as or some other.Those steps are a procedure as follows.

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