How to Treat Ance and Pimple Treatment at Home On Overnight

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ance face and home remedies treatment for pimples

             Hello readers, Today I want to tell you about, how to get rid of the acne face and how to treat pimples at home.Pimples are known to be the nightmare of many teenagers life.This is one of the unfortunate things in many people’s life.I will tell you one real-time story about me.One big day comes in my life that is wedding day.But still, my face fills with irritated pimples.At that time on my mind running these following thoughts. 

I can’t go anywhere?
What happens to me?
I tried lot of methods for treat pimples
But, it is not possible, why I don’t know?
How to solve this?Where is the solution for pimples?

Here is the solution by natural home remedies
                These are thoughts running on my mind while facing acne problem on my face.Finally one day I got this solution then I just follow this guidance.But after follow this guidance, my face turns into the fair clean skin.These are totally natural things.Before using this guidance I tried everything I could-citrus peels, foam cleansers, salicylic acid, but still, there is no use.

Is there any solution?
No! in chemical medicines
Yes! in natural home remedies.

          However, there are few simple things which can be done in order to improve your face by removing pimples on your face on overnight.

Pimple Treatment at Home:

Lemon juice:

              Fresh lemon juice contains vitamin C that is used in the fight  to remove a pimple on overnight easily.The popular medical scientists said that lemon fruit plays major role in skin health and tone.

How to use:

           This process done by using the cotton swab dipped in fresh lemon juice and tapping on the pimples with the swab.Do this cycle at least 4-time intervals on a night.Wake up morning and wash your face with fresh heat water then see what happens.This is one of the best natural therapy.


      This is the very simple thing and it is movable for everyone.It is not the automatic solution for pimples but it is quite effective. if you use this remedy regularly then after 3  days you get rid of from face acne.

How to use:

       Just take paste and slowly rub it on pimples, Do this regularly.Then after a few days later then you get fairy face by removing acne on your face without dark dots. If you have any side effects while applying this remedy then just ignore it.

Ice cubes:

If you want clean and reduce irritation with acne face then just use this amazing home remedy ice cubes then you get relief from pain and irritation.This is one of the natural therapy for instant relief.

How to use:

    This process is done by using cloth with ice cubes then tapping on your face slowly.This process done on 3 interval times on night before sleep.

Apple vinegar:

    Apple vinegar act as the powerful weapon when it comes to acne cure. It kills bacteria of a pimple and balances the pH levels of your skin.Then automatically pimple bacteria can’t survive on that skin.

How to use:

       First, you need fresh apple fruit and pure water. So wash your face with fresh water and dry with clean cloth.Dip the cotton cloth in apple vinegar and apply it directly to the blemish. Then leave it at overnight. Apply these process regularly on your acne face and wash your face with pure water at each time.

The Milk:

      Dairy products are the rich source of nutrients that helps to treat your skin smooth and improve skin tone.The reason is that it suggested that milk would cause acne is because of extra hormones. It soothes your irritated skin and helps tone down the redness.

How to use:

       First, take pure milk in the bowl and use cotton cloth then dip it in milk and tapping on your acne face.Do this cycle 4 interval times before you go to sleep.

        Thank you for all. Further solution i will updated soon.Keep fallow my updates with email subscriptions. 


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