Yoga breathing techniques for beginners

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                          Yoga is a physical,mental and spiritual practice.The most well known types of yoga are Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.
                   The origins of yoga have been speculated to date back to pre-Vedic indian traditions, but most likely developed around the sixth and fifth centur.ies BCE, in ancient india’s Ascetic and sramana.

           In these days our environment change because of the modern world.So many lives in cites for the jobs.They dont have time with their health and they lot of problems such as back pain  and othe deceases.So all of you guys please do some time yoga live long time enjoyable manner.Thats why Lets do the yoga the everything will perfect.
                       Yoga is a form of exercise that unites breath,mind,body, and spirit.In these modern days yoga  practice has been strengthen their bodies in anew way.Yoga is learning how to slow your thoughts way down,place your all attention at the present moment.And create an oasis of stillness in your movements.So do yoga pose build strengthen in every part of your body.It reconnects to your higher spirit and mind learn to be still.

Yoga poses and benifits:

                The most important part is learning the practice of breathing.The automatic shallow breathing we do every is the way.The correct is tonhale  through your noseas you begin countingat an even pace.

1]Stand deep breathing:

                 Prepares the body for practice.This is most important pose, as it gets us ready for everything after . Let this be atime to connect your centre  and focus on present moment. First inspires connecting to the breath before start this pose.I will explain step by step manner you easily understand .

* Stand up stright and tightly , keep your eyes open and mind focused.

* Keep both hands together bring your hands under your chin , palms facing down to earth.

* Allow the shoulders and jaw to relax as much as possible.

* Take a breath inside and release breath deeply.

* When you take breath inside , till the head back gently.

* You should feel a stretch  in the front of neck and chest but no pain and they do not push at all.

* bring the head back to normal position after one round completion.


*Expand the lungs and increases circulation ,prepare muscle  for exercise.

*It provide 100 percentage usage of lungs capacity.

*Reduce and stabilise lungs deceases.

*After this training you get focused mind and weather problems solved.

*Most of the people only use small percentage of their lungs. This pose expand your lungs towards 100 percent usage.

*Get the oxygen to your body and stabilise your metabolism.


              In this pose connect your mind to improve your balance and concentration. And it supports nervous system health and immunity.It increases flexibility in major 11 joints of your body.

*Stand up straightly  and bend the knees as if you are going to utkatasan pose.

*Pose like a  sitting on a chair , twist the leg with another leg.

*Same as hands twisted together like wires melting.

*Hold for 4-5 breaths and slowly return to your standing position.

                These pose provide lot of benefits to you , that are shows as fallows.


*It supplies fresh blood to the sexual organs and kidneys.

*And increases  sexual power and control.

*Improve the flexibility of hip ,knee and ankle joints and strength.

*also increase flexibility of your body.

*Prevent from deceases of kidneys and joints of your body.

                     Thank you for fallow and read this articles and so please comment us.I will update the information soon…………………

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