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                                Hey guys, now I want to tell you how to earn money from blog eligibility criteria of the blog. Today ad agencies pay money by placing the ads on your blog. I think all blog lovers are want to earn money from blogs.
In online marketing number of ad agencies are available but there is some high paying ad agencies  available such as adsense, Flipcart  ,etc.
If you are create the blog in then the best way  to apply adsense.The adsense is  best high paying ad agency that’s why it is best for earn money.So I suggest you that go to adsense. This adsense  is mostly used by blogger and websites.I will provide total information about  eligibility policies and how to approve adsense. Before apply for adsense you need to make these policies to your blog.The fallowing steps are shows as fallows, that are…..

1]Make sure that content is fully implemented at least 20 to 30 posts on your blog.

2]And provide best user navigation and beautiful view of your blog.

3]Don’t use adult content and illeagal information on your blog.

4]Use the new version of web browser on your computer.

5]Images and videos are totally implemented by you only should not copy from other sites.

6]Don’t copy and paste the information from other sites.Because adsense have a algorithms they are analize  your blog content and verify it automatically.

                    After satisfying these policies then your blog gets eligible for applying adsense. The adsense  applying process described as fallows.

Adsense  applying procedure and approvel:   

                   Sign in into  blogger  and go to your blog which you want to apply for adsense.Then click on earnings that is placed on left side of your blog dashboard.Then it will shows fallowing window.
This is your blog dashboard ,monetize with left side menu.

                        The above blog is not currently qulify for adsense,it will shows how to turn your fashion into profit. Click on the “how to qualify for adsense” that are shows fallowing principles that are explained easy way and enjoy it.

1]At least 18 years old age

2]Before submitting your application ,it will satisfying the adsense policies.

3]At least your blog 6 months age.

               After satisfying the above terms your blog shows like this.

                          Then the automatically eligible to apply for adsense, when you satisfy the above terms.In the above window it will show ad set up for blog and save it with recommended ad set up.After that view your blog,it will show empty ads on your blog.In this time you click on the visit adsense for details of earnings. You go to adsense window and submite  your application.After submition of your application , in adsense account click on my ads and create recommended ads,get the code and copy it. And then copying code ,then it placed on your blog layout which area you want to place ads.
                    Click on the home in adsense . It shows you your application getting reviewed so please help us with placing the ads on your blog.You make sure that in this time get the more traffic,views by provide attracted information to the users.User experience is most important for getting the adsense approvel .When your blog was approved they send an email to you,the adsense team approved your application.

                   Then adsense automatically place your blog content related ads on your blog and then start earnings from your blog.Thank you for reading this article ,I think this guide will help you. 
                                 So please comment us…………..  

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