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Hey Readers,

                 Today I want to tell you about tricks to create and write good blog content to your blog websites.Now, you have your blog set up, next thing is to create good helpful content.
The content of your blog will be ready to attract your readers. In this, I will give information about what type of content blog consists of, types of content and some easy blogging practices for you. You should follow my guide to create and write good content to your blog.Without good content, even you have a well-designed blog will ultimately fail. So you need to create 3 types of content for your blog, 3 types of content described as follows.

    * Pages content: 

                            It is a static page content, such as “About” and “Contact”.

     * Sidebar Content:

                           It displays static content, that appears on the sidebar of your blog.

     * Blog Posts:

                          It is a part of regular posts about your niche.

                         Before you start writing your regular blog posts, first you will make sure that there are static pages and sidebar content of your blog is create and upload it.

Pages Content:

          It is a static page content, first, you need to create static page content for the fallowing types of information.


       This page is used for visitors to your blog to contact you at any time.It is a simple page content, that consists of your email address and some social network links. And you have an another chance to contact your visitors is, a plugin like a contact form 7. It helps to your visitors can use to contact you without leaving your site.


   The most important common page on any blog is the About page.This page gives the information of your site when new visitors visit your site.And this page tells you about who you and what type of blog it is.The information you provide can be all business or personal.It is an identity of your blog and you.


       When you will want to create social network link profiles by add widget to your blog.So people can follow you.Most commonly we have social networks such as facebook page, Twitter profile and google+ profile.You can also use some attractive icons to social network links.Then later, it will help you, grow your social network audience by allowing the people in a social network without leaving your site.

Popular Posts:

           Popular posts widget is most important for your blog.Because it helps to the visitors directly to the top content.This widget display post by based on visitors and comments.Visitors automatically read this popular posts and directly connects on popular post page content page.I studied carefully about blog posts writing procedure of most popular blog sites.

                                  Thank you for reading my solutions and don do not forget to share my solutions , encourage with your valuable comments.Further solution updated soon.

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