Best Ways to Gain Weight for Skinny People Quickly!

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Ways to gain weight


Best Ways to Gain Weight:             

           Hello readers, Today i want to tell you about why skinny guys too hard to gain weight and in this article we give ways to gain weight for skinny guys in healthy manner.So , i will guide you to gain weight healthy way.It keep healthy and fit.
            This guidance is most effective because i am also skinny guy long time ago but now i have good healthy body weight by fallowing this guidance.So do want fallow my guidance then just read my article and fallow it.I think what skinny guys thinking about gain weight is 

is there any Possible ways to gain healthy weight?

is there any guidance to gain weight in healthy way?

I will lot to gain weight, but i can’t?

Yes here you will get solution.Just fallow my guidance carefully.

        You can start gaining weight healthy manner by this guidance.It is totally natural ways to gain weight fast.When you want to gain weight ,first learn the awareness of human bodies type in weight gaining process.Metabolism can decide your body response on gaining weight.So metabolisms play key role in your body weight gaining. The body types shows below.

1) Endomorph:

fat person,fat people               Who have endomorph type body, then they have chubby body.They eat less amount if food and gain weight weight heaviley .Their body metabolism rate is high metabolism that’s why their body burns less calories and stores highly.That’s  why they always looks fatty.

2) Mesoomorph:

handsome and average weight               These types of body persons looks healthy with fit body.They no need to maintain body for weight gaining.These persons metabolism rate is in good value.I mean, their body stabilize their intake food.They also looks beautiful,handsome and rare.


              These types of persons are called skinny persons.They eat more but they can’t gain weight properly.Because their metabolism rate is very low.I mean ,less their body burns more calories.Thats why they select high calories food to eat for gaing weight.

weight gainfor skinny guys

                         Basal metabolism rate can be stabilize your body beheavour in weight gaining process for skinny guys first understand their metabolism rate  and fallow these best healthy snack ideas and meal plans to gain weight natural way.I will explain how to boost your metabolism and how to gain weight fast for men.

I)Ground Nuts:


ground nut for health,groundnut benefits for health

Ground nuts are very high in protiens and good fats.These are important to gain weight.Proteins are fastly converted into mucles.Thats why ground nuts are play major role in weight gain for skinny guys.

How to Use:

1) First, take one bowl of ground nuts with water mixed.Wait untill 12 to 20 hours in bowl.
2) After that take out ground nuts from water.
3) Then take out handful of groundnuts after tied with cloth untill they transform into sparts.
4) Finally eat them at every snacks time.

                            The advantages of groundnuts are simply attractive.They are rich in vitamin B,vitamin E,magnisiam,iron,potassiam and also good in high calories. 

                              1 Groundnut= 5calories

          If you eat 100 groundnuts then you get 500 calories.So eat less amount of nuts and get more good calories,then finally you start gaining weight healthy.


1) Improve your memory power by vitamin B3.
2) Blood sugar regulation.
3) Protect from cancer diseases.
4) Reduce the risk of weight gaining.
5) Improve your metabolism rate easily.

2) Milk:


milk brands and healthy milk

            Healthy milk shake rich in protein,calcium and vitamin A.If you want gain weight then you need to drink milk reguliarly upto you get healthy weight.Drink 250ml of milk at a time and totally two glasses of milk per day.I mean half litre of milk per day.It will stabilize your metabolism.It is healthy and easy to consume it.

Milk product supplements provide lot of healthy benefits to you. That are given below. Milk holds protein to gain weight. It also useful to get healthy sleep at every night. 


1) It gives protein to gain healthy weight. 
2) Drink before sleep then you will get healthy sleep.
3) It stabilize your metabolism 
4) It helps to build body muscles
5) Milk provides a high amount of calcium,phosphorus and iodine these are strengthen your teeth.
 6) Improve your skin health and grow your skin brightness. 
7) Repair your damaged health and protect your hair.

 3) Eggs:


healthy eggs and breakfast egg recipes

          Fresh  eggs have high-quality proteins.These are most healthiest and nutrient foods on the earth.At least eat 2 eggs per day that delivers fast way to gain weight and they are part of healthy diet.One single egg has contains. Eggs are high in cholesterol ,heart diseased person should not eat them.Here are top health benefits of eating eggs. Every day take as breakfast egg recipes.Find these egg nutritions for your health condition.These are the best ways to gain weight easily, you just follow this guidance carefully.


  1) Eggs can resolve iron out problems. 
2) One major benefit is control your health. 
3) Change your metabolism rate. 
4) It gives fastest way for gaining healthy weight.
 5) It helps to improve your performance.

 Thank you for all. Further solution i will updated soon.Keep fallow my updates with email subscriptions.        

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