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What is Nature:

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            Hey  dudes, today i want to tell you about what is nature,uses,what happens in the nature and importance of nature.
                           Firstly, what is nature?  nature can refer to the phenomena of physical world and also to life in general.Although humans are part of nature.The word nature divided from latin word naturae and ancient times literally meant birth.Originally related to the plants,animals and other features of the world develop of their own accord.

Earth Information: 

       Earth is only one that supports life in the universe.In solar system ,earth is third one to the sun.It is the largest terrestrial planet and the fifth largest overall.On the earth 70% of earth occupied  by salt sea water. And the reminder consists of continents and land.Earth has evolved through geological and biological process that have left traces of the original conditions.The atmospheric conditions have been significantly altered from the original conditions by the presence of life forms.Which creates an ecological balance that stabilizes the surface conditions.

                         In this world,each and every person has responsible  to take care of their surroundings.Why because, All animals ,trees and including humans depends on nature for live.Nature usage limitations are most important than another.But we have a chance to restore this nature in healthy way.That is recycling process,it is only the best way to restore our nature.

Recycling Process Inside Nature: 

                           Recycling is a process of  waste material ,i mean eating food and dead animals that are converted to their usage state in time and naturally.Here birds can have play some major role in recycling process.Because,birds eats food and after that dump their waste in some where else.So,some seeds fallen on land ,then after some few days plant will be generated from that seeds.It is best natural way to get some amount of plants on the earth.When we encourage birds then they automatically stabilize our nature.I tell one one simple natural recycling method but we have lot of recycling methods like this.


is there any other chances to reduce natural disorders?
That’s  Why,
Methods like recycling and recycling programs are stabilize the nature.But it is slow process and it provide permanent   solutions.

               So be careful ,take care of our beautiful earth.Please don’t lose limitation of nature.

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