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                        Each and every one wants to like easy navigation on their web pages.Web page navigation is play a major role in get users best impression when user enter into your blog websites.Best blog sites  most important policy is user experience that’s why we need to provide easy and best navigation to your blog websites .

you need to use drop down menu to navigate to your blog content easily.I will tell you drop down menu how much much important for getting users best impression.User how much time spend in your blog always depending on your best content and easy navigation.I will show you brief information about process of adding drop down menu to your blog in blogger .

Drop down menu create procedure:

1] First go to your blogger menu and select layout that show in left side of your blogger dashboard .

2]  And select add gadget then display one page that shows below after click on HTML/javascript gadget   click on that gadget.

3]  The fallowing html code get on the internet  and copy that code and paste it  in HTML/javascript gadget and save it and drag the gadget and place it on near head gadget on blogger laout.

4]  After sucessfully adding the HTML code the CSS code copied and pasted in Add CSS in blogger dashboard by click on customize and select advanced click on Add CSS.And click on apply to blog save it and reviewed it 


5] Finally click on view blog then watch dropdown menu on your blog.  Editing the items links by replacing “#” with related topic URLs copy it and then the red comment are used to customize your own colors and names .

                 You have any doubts ask me with your comment and i will update the valuable solutions soon………….. 


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