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What is SEO:

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SEO Optimization

 Hello readers,
                              Today, I want to tell you about SEO optimization tips and techniques for blog websites.I think blogger is a best for starting a blog. SEO stands for search engine optimization.It means that your blog website gets higher rank in search engine results first page.It helps to appear in the first page of google search results. In the internet website, search engines follow an algorithm, written by SEO procedures.When we search some information via “keyword” in the web browser.The search engines follow the SEO procedure for retrieving the results to your browser.

The most popular website search engines are given below.

  • Google(percentage of usage 70%)
  • Bing (percentage of usage  10%)
  • Yahoo(percentage of usage   7%)
  • DuckDuck Go

And some of the other website search engines are available in online.The most popular search engine is google, in my point of view.So I suggested that google is the best search engine for getting efficient results.

How search engine optimization can I do for my site:

                                        Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of improving viewability a website in web search results.It is a method for increasing the visitors to your site by obtaining higher page rank in google search results.Google provide google page rank checker to check the page rank of blog websites quickly.I will show some optimization techniques and which areas you can do SEO of your blog websites explain below.keywords are important to optimize your site fastly and easily.
  • Creating page titles.
  • Meta description.
  • Use best keywords for content.
  • Develop sitemap for your blog.
  • Submit your blog URL to popular website search engines.
  • Create webmaster tools.
  • Link google analytics to your blog site.
  • Use keyword planner in Adwords.
  • Search description.
  • Headings of your blog content.
  • Email
  • Backlinks
  • inner links
  • design

How SEO works:

How seo optimization done and seo tools,sevices

                      SEO tells the information about what worth and solutions of your blog site to search engines.It optimizes your blog websites for website search engines as user-friendly.It also recommends your blog website to the search engines. SEO performs crawler and indexing the data of your blog website to servers in the form of linked pages.Search engines use algorithms for produce search results.That algorithm follows SEO instructions to optimize your blog site to the search engines.First, when the user enters a keyword and searches it in the browser.Then search engine finds and searches for relevant page titles and content.

Thank you for all. The further solution I will update soon.Keep following my updates with email subscriptions.         


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