Hair Falling Out ,Use Guava Leaves Your Hair Growth.

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Hair falling out , losing hair


Find Hair Falling Out Causes:

       Mostly hair falling out is possible in men than women because of male pattern baldness.But hair thinning and hair loss is most common in women nowadays. I think hair falling depends on the causes.Here are some common and other reasons to hair loss on your head.What do you think when hair fallowing out?

Oh god, is there any solution?
No! in chemical medicines?
Yes! in natural remedies.
       There are some common causes that lead to losing your hair, here you just find what causes hair loss and home remedies how useful for your hair growth in a natural way.Here you can find hair loss treatment at home by this natural remedy.
1) Any kind of physical stress.

2) Pregnancy is one of the physical stress that can cause hair falling out.

3) Overdoing vitamin A in your body that can cause losing hair.

4) Less amount of protein in your diet.

5) Male pattern baldness can cause hair loss.

6) Female hormones changes lead to losing hair.

7) When you use hair damaging remedies.

8) Due to iron deficiency.

9) Due to pollution can cause hair loss men.

10) Lack of vitamins Deficiency.

losing hair , Hair falling out

          Some of the other causes can also lead to losing hair that is 100% treated by natural home remedies and it is proven by medical scientists.Note these Diseased persons contact your doctor before use of this wonderful natural remedies.

How to Hair Falling Out:


Guava Leaves for hair Growth:

         Guava leaves are the rich source of vitamins A and C, healthy fiber, lycopene, potassium.In this article, you can find how much need guava leaves and fruits to your hair health and health.And how guava leaves protect your hair from hair loss for natural hair growth. When medical researchers find health benefits in guava trees, then world get attention about this.Guava leaves provide a lot of health benefits than others.Home remedies give you 100% result to hair growth.There are some natural remedies that can help you from losing hair.The medical experts said that guava leaves are used for hair loss treatment at home.


1) Guava leaves works as amazing medicine against hair problems, you can just apply guava leaves powder on your head.

2) Guava leaves are high in vitamins that can help in your hair growth and stop hair falling out.

3) Boil guava leaves in few cups of water until your boiling water comes half.This is the wonderful remedy in the cure of dengue.

4) Guava leaves tea gives benefits for diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels.

5) Guava leaves tea also reduce the risk of heart disease by preventing LDL cholesterol without affecting HDL good cholesterol levels.

6) Crushed guava leaves- apply this onto itching areas caused by allergies.

7) Guava leaf tea can helps in reducing weight by stopping the carbohydrates turns into sugar. Then automatically control or reduce your high appetite.

8) Guava leaf tea also best remedy for stomach upset in causes of food poisoning.

9) It is especially important for men who are facing fertility problems.

 10) It used as toothpaste then it helps in the oral cavity.


      Amla packed with vitamin C and antioxidants.It mixed with henna and apply it on your hair along with curd.It helps in hair health and increasing your hair growth naturally.And hair tone improved by this remedy.Vitamin C protect from hair falling out causes.

Tip of the Day:

 Guava Leaves act as an herbal 
treatment for several diseases due 
to their medical properties.
It mainly on hair falling out.


Neem  Remedy:

     This is one of the best home remedies for hair health condition.Neem contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients.This natural remedy against dandruff and lice. First, powder the neem and apply directly on your hair along with coconut oil or curd, then massage it. After a few minutes later wash it with heat water then dry it.It can also have the ability to purify your blood.

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