Best Health Insurance Providers in India for Health care

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Health insurance providers

  Best Health Insurance Providers in India:

            In health plans, insurance is one of the important plans and act as health saving account.For suppose, when you get diseased then at that time,  it pays your hospital treatment bills.Sisya asks guru doubts about health insurance providers in India.

Sisya: Guru tell me what is health insurance?

Guru:  Health insurance is the best supporter of your health treatment.If you maintain the insurance policy of your health, when you get sick then the insurance company will pay all the expenses of your health treatment.Health insurance in India is a growing part of India’s economy.A Recent study said that most of the people want to spend money on health insurance companies.Here health insurance companies offer two types of policies that are individual and family cover.

                     Health insurance launched in 1986 in India.This health insurance industry has grown significantly due to general awareness.Insurance companies only pay for inpatient hospitalization and treatment at hospitals.Outpatient services were not payable with insurance policies in India.

Sisya: Ok guru and tell me, what types of policies available in India?

Guru: In the 2000 year, the Indian government allowed private sectors in health insurance services along with government insurance companies.The health insurance providers offer different categories of insurance policies in India.

1. Hospitalization Plan:

              Hospitalization plan can pay the cost of hospitalization and medical expenses of injured person.These policies do not any cash benefits to you.You just remember it carefully.

2. Family floater health insurance plan:

              It covers entire family health expenses with this only one policy.This policy can pay pre and post hospital expenses.I think all the whole family gets illness is not possible.But this policy is more useful than others policies.In India, most of the people prefer the family floater health insurance policy.

3. Pre-Existing Disease Plan:

               This policy offers people who suffer from pre-existing diseases like diabetes, kidney failures and more.This policy waiting period 2 to 4 years then after it gives all expenses of your diseases.

4. Senior Citizen Health Insurance scheme:

              This type of health insurance plans mostly needs for older people in the family.It provides protection and hospital expenses in during older age.

5. Hospital Daily Cash Plan:

            This policy can pay money for everyday hospitalization. It sums the payments and number of days mentioned in policy by the subject.

Sisya: Ya that’s ok and tell me, what are key aspects of health insurance in India?

Guru: Here, we have two types of payment options available that are.
  • ·         Cashless facility.
  • ·         Reimbursement.

             And also the common insurance policies range between 1 lac rupees to 5 lac rupees.The micro insurance sum is 5000 rupees and the maximum sum is 50 lacs rupees.These facilities offered by health insurance providers.

Sisya: Tell me, What are benefits I get after opening insurance policy?

Guru: Health insurance policy provides lot of benefits to you that are

  • ·         You get tax benefits when you are using an insurance policy.

-25000 rupees for self and dependent children.
-30000 rupees for your parents, under section 80D.

  • ·         Inpatient treatment done well easily in hospitals.
  • ·         They take more care about your baby before and after born.
  • ·         Excellent mental health services.
  • ·         They serve free drugs to you.
  • ·         Waiting situations are covers.
  • ·         It can pay your hospital’s lab bills.
  • ·         Hey, You no need to carry the cash to the hospitals.

Sisya: Ok guru and tell me the most reliable and trustable insurance companies in India?

Guru: In India, we have a lot of health insurance companies are there.But recent study said that few are trustable are available here that are

·         Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company.
·         Max Bupa  Insurance Company.
·         Star Health and Allied Insurance Company.
·         ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company.
·         Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company.
·         New India Assurance Company.
·         Religare Health Insurance Company.

.               Hey sisya before select one of the insurance company, then go to their official webpage of the insurance company.After contacting the helpline and collect all details of the insurance company policies.Finally read the agreement carefully and then sign in the document.You must remember health insurance providers are most interest to provide this kind of services well now in India.

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