Breakfast Sandwich-It Can’t Make You Lazy! Because

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Breakfast Sandwich

           Did you know, a simple and healthy breakfast sandwich made on a pan? Everyone’s day life starts after wake up from the bed, the good day starts with their good breakfast recipes. A healthy breakfast can make you active in throughout of the day. In this guidance, you can find breakfast sandwich for your breakfast.


         Mostly sandwich recipes made with different ingredients for a variety of tastes. Why so many people fell lazy after completion of their breakfast. The reasons are
                 1. They take high caloric cheese foods for their breakfast.
                        2. High carbs food can make you lazy.
                        3. The size of the breakfast.
                        4 Sweet breakfast recipe can make you lazy.
                        5. When your breakfast fully loaded with cream, it’s not considered healthy.
             Here you can find best healthy recipes for breakfast but they can’t make you lazy. That are too healthy and low-calorie food. Easy digestion food must need to eat at morning to you, for perform well in daily activities.

1. Egg White with Veggie Breakfast Sandwich:

              Prepare Time = 2 Minutes.
             Cook Time = 5 Minutes.
             Total time need for breakfast sandwich = 9 minutes.

Required Ingredients:

  •              2 Eggs ( only need white egg).
  •               Sliced onions.
  •              2 Tomatoes sliced.
  •              1 Romaine sliced.
  •              olive oil ( as required).

How to Make:

Breakfast sandwich
         Hey guys, if you wants greatest low caloric foods to eat at morning, these recipes can keep you healthy and active in your daily activities.You just follow my procedure carefully and less time to make your breakfast.

1. First, you need to wash all the ingredients with pure water and place them on the table.
2. Then take an onion and slice it with a knife. If you want onion in different shape, slice it as your wish.
3. Next, take one tomato and slice it, then place it on the plate.
4.Add the olive oil in the hot pan and heat it. If you want taste then toast the sliced bread with butter until they get a golden color.
5. After completion of bread toasting process, place them on the plate.
6.Then remove the yellow egg from the white egg and take white egg fry it in the pan with olive oil.
7.After this, you need to put romaine on the slice toasted bread.
8. And then put sliced onions, tomatoes on the bread.Place the fried egg on the prepared bread and put another sliced bread on that.
9. Finally, you got a breakfast sandwich for you. So cut it as your wish and eat them.

2.  Peanut and Banana Breakfast Sandwich:

            Prepare Time  = 2 Minutes.
           Cook Time = 4 Minutes.
           Total time need for breakfast sandwich = 7 Minutes.

Require Ingredients:

  •           1 tsp of peanut butter.
  •           1/2 banana sliced.

How to make:

breakfast sandwich
      The only thing better than other breakfast foods is a peanut butter breakfast sandwich. I just love this but this is the amazing recipe to eat fast.i think this recipe is easy to make and quick.Hmm.. hey if you want sweet, warm breakfast but it filled with melted peanut butter and sweet bananas.Here you get how to prepare simple peanut butter sandwich in few minutes.
1.  Add the olive oil in the hot pan and heat it. If you want taste then toast the sliced bread with butter until they get a golden color.
2. Slice the half banana and then put it on the plate.
3. Fry the sweet sliced banana pieces in the hot oiled pan.When you get golden color then place them on the plate.

4. Spread 1 tsp of peanut butter onto one side one slice bread.And place the sliced banana on the prepared bread.


5. Finally press together firmly and fry them each side 2 minutes remove from pan when it gets brown color.
6. So finally you get peanut butter sandwich and cut it, eat it.

                  Hey here, you got healthy and quick breakfast food to eat at morning.By these recipes, you got some tremendous health benefits.They can help you to lose your unwanted fat from your body easily.I think this the best way to maintain the healthy diet.

            I am still research on this article and updated daily.Hey guys, if you want to stay with me then just subscribe and like me for follow my guidance.Common just hurry up fast.

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