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To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.__Budda

         Running may be the most effective exercise to increase your life expectancy.Benefits of running exercise don’t matter if you are not a regular runner.This powerful running exercise has a capability to add 3 yrs life expectancy in your life.

        It doesn’t matter even if you are a drinker, smoker, it can help you to get rid of from health problems. According to a new survey and analysis of previous research about exercises and premature death.

           The medical researchers found that runners tended to live about 3 more yrs than nonrunners.Even if they run, drinker, smoker and also overweight. No other form of exercises can’t give benefits than running. So many medical reviews find that exercises can help you to increase 3 yrs life expectancy. This News officially announced by the times’ newspaper.

 Today’s  Average Life Expectancy in Nonrunners:

          Most recent studies find that life expectancy varies for male and females, as well as combined figure.This value directly reflects the quality of health in the countries.And other factors including ongoing wars obesity and other infections.

           These are the following factors that include your life span.So you need to understand carefully for avoiding affected factors.
1. Due to bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and drugs.
2. A lot of pollution come out from industries, that pollute the air around you.
3. Global Warming.
4. Forests turned into the ground that leads to low-level oxygen production.
5.Pesticide foods eating and fast foods.
                 The scientists observe these are the major factors to leads to premature deaths.Once You check life expectancy table on the internet then you get awareness about how long we live here.

Running Can Add 3 yrs Life Expectancy to You:

          Some people asked if other exercises, such as walking were likely to be beneficial for reducing mortality risks. So for a new study published last month in progress in cardiovascular disease. The scientists set out address those and examine the results from a number of recent studies.
             The scientists determined the data that indicating running dropped a person’s risk of death by almost 40%. This benefit is true even people are smokers, drinkers and health problems. here you need to run every day about 5 minutes at parks. While doing this running exercise, you consume a lot of oxygen, it leads to detox your body from toxins. Do this simple less time exercise regularly finally you get 3 yrs life expectancy than actual life span.

Health Benefits of Running:

               Us universities and scientists conduct studies and reviews on increasing life expectancy by country. Running exercise produce lot of health benefits to you even you are drinker and smoker.
1. Did you know, running is a great way to increase your overall health.
2. For women, this exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
3. I think many doctors suggested for running, who are in the stages of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure.
4. Running is the best way to lose weight. This is the first most effective exercise in terms of calories burned for a minute.
5. Did you know, stress can cause a number of health problems. Running may help you to reduce your chances of developing tensions.


6. 5 minutes running can eliminate your depression by improved hormones.

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