What is an Android Phone? Best Apps and Features

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what is an android phone


What is an Android Phone:         

        Android phone means mobile works with android software. Here, android is an operating system of mobiles, TVs, tablets etc. And it is developed by famous American google company, based on Linux kernel. In this article, you will learn, what is an android phone? and how to use effectively. It is primarily designed for touch screen mobiles and tablets devices.Touch screen with android os provides real world virtual actions to manipulate mobile devices.


               Some of the key virtual actions are done on touch screen devices, that are given below

  •        Shipping.
  •       Tapping.
  •       Pinching( to manipulate on-screen devices).       
  •       Virtual keyboard for texting.


         After evaluation of android mobile technology, google has developed android televisions, watches and android auto for vehicles. And also they provide different interfaces for every kind of android devices.


    You know android technology initially developed by android inc and google brought this in 2005. The first commercial android mobile release from google in 2008.

Where I Can Download Android Apps:


          I think a lot of people use android devices throughout the world. But half of the people don’t know what is an android phone? Nowadays we need to know the minimum awareness of android phones.Here I give you information about where and how you can download android apps to your mobile easily.



           The most of the android apps can be downloaded from google play store like apple app store. Google play store is the store of android apps which is useful for your mobile and user purpose.In this store, you will find free cost apps as well as premium apps that are downloaded by pay for.


       Android apps totally operated by google play store only.It acts as the control panel of your android devices.Over a million apps avaiable to your android device users in google play store. But some of the app owners choose to make their apps download from their own website or other app stores.

       If you want to download any app from google paly store then follow these steps carefully.


1. First, you need Gmail account in google for download apps from google play.


2. After Gmail account creation clicks on google play store and signup.


3. Once account create in google play store, in the search box enter your app name and search it.


4. Then find, which app do you want to install, select it and click on download.


5. After download com[pleted then automatically install in the process.


6. Finally, your downloaded app appeared on your mobile and use it.

Android Versions:


          Google constantly working on latest versions of the android software. Yearly one time the only google has released updated version of the android software in open source market.Android versions commonly come with a numerical code and a name, that names likely called sweets, desserts, and alphabetical orders.


  •    Android 1.5 cupcake OS.
  •    Android 1.6 Donut OS.
  •    Android 2.1 Eclair OS.
  •    Android 2.2 Froyo OS.
  •    Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.
  •    Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS it is designed specifically for Motorola Xoom tablets.
  •    Android 4.0 ice cream sand witch OS for smartphones and tablets to naming conversion.
  •    Android jelly bean.
  •    Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • The latest version of android OS is,   Android 8.0, it currently in beta form and only available for developers.
  •  And the latest public version of android OS is android nougat.


            It makes your android device faster than ever with the feature installed apps and it improves your phone battery life, native VR support.

Best Papular Apps for Android Phone:


          I think up to this to this you get knowledge on what is an android phone! In this, you learn, which android apps need to you.The user needs to be satisfied by these fallowing most popular apps for your mobiles and tablets.That are few apps explained clearly. So you have to get these apps to your mobile then your android gadget act as the most useful source to you.

1. Blue Mail App:


           Blue mail app is free, that can be downloaded from google play store. It looks beautifully, universal email center. And it has a capability to managing an unlimited number of accounts from various sources such as Gmail, Reddit mail, yahoo mail, outlook etc. It allows smart push notifications and group emailing. Did you know that blue mail is a perfect replacement for any other email apps?

what is an android phone

Features of App:


  •  It supports IMAP, pop3+ exchange, auto configuration.
  • It supports multiple source providers such as Gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, etc.
  •  Design and lollipop.
  •  Mobile notifications with custom sounds, vibrate, LED light, snooze alert.
  •  It provides day and night modes with dark themes.


2. Google Drive Suite:


           Google drive suite is a cloud storage that can download from google play store.Once you sign up in this android app, you get 15GB free storage permanently. If you need more storage, then you can buy more from this app. In this app, they include google docs, google sheets, google slides, google photos, email, and calendar. In the photo section, you can backup photos and your videos.

google drive


Features of App:


  • storage safety and access them from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Search your content with the file name.
  • Quickly view your stored content.
  • scan your documents with your mobile camera and store them.
  • See your file details at any time.


3.Whatscall App:


          The what shall android app is a free global call and free to download.You can call anywhere and anytime with free of cost with an internet connection. These most popular apps used more than 1000,000 people.In this app your friend no need to install this app and no need of internet connection to make calls.Use messenger, you can send photos, text and voice messages to what shall friends.


Features of App:


  • target phone, no need for internet connection.
  • To make free calls, your friend no need to install this app.
  • Here, you need only credits to make free calls to your friends.
  • You can do international calls also.
  • Find best ads in this app.


4. Airdroid App:


            Airdroid is a remote access and file transfer to your computer. In this app, you can access and control your mobile phone from your computer. Here you need an only email account to manipulate this app. Once you sign up in this app,  sign in into air droid on your computer, the connection established you can transfer files, look your contacts, call logs, apps, photos from your computer with wireless connection.

file transfer

Features of App:


  • It provides mirror mobile notifications from any allowed apps to your laptop.
  • You can back up your photos, files, videos and documents from your phone.
  • Use your computer keyboard to type on your phone.
  • Click on record screen shot and no root required.
  • Clean your mobile and boot your phone speed.






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